Powershell Font Fix – Lucida

Powershell Font Fix – Lucida

I have been experiencing this annoying issue with Windows Powershell on windows 8 – 8.1 where when you change the font to Lucida Console, it only remembers it for that session. When you close powershell down, it changes back to its previous setting. I have managed to find a fix that works. This involves installing a new font and editing the registry, so please remember to backup the registry before any changes are made.

1. Download the font file here:

[ddownload id=”1541″]


2. Open the Zip file, then install the font (Right click > Install)

3. Open up the registry (Start > run > regedit.exe)

4. Browse to the key HKLM:\\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Console\TrueTypeFont

5. Look for the value “Lucida Console”, Rename that to “LucidaConsoleNew”

6. Change the font setting in PowerShell and it will be remembered.

(if you get an error when changing the settings, that states “Unable to modify the shortcut”. You need to run PowerShell as Administrator. (Elevated)

It appears that the problem is down to the space between the 2 words in the font. If this fix worked for you, please like and share the link so we can make others aware. Thank you.

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  1. thanks, it’s working on windows 10 creators update as well.

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