The life of our pup – Roxie

This page is dedicated to our new puppy – Roxie.

We bought her at 8 weeks old and will be updating this page with progress on how she is getting along, along with some of the most adorable pictures. She has been welcomed into our new home with open arms and I must say, she seems to have settled very well. The nights are going great too. Please find a few images and videos of her below :-).

We are into the third day of having Roxie now, she is full of energy and loves to play. We paid a quick visit to the local pet shop the other day and she met a lot of new people who instantly fell in love with her. Her temperament is great and loves attention.20140803_152949
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We have recently decided which vets to take Roxie to, we are going to the one on Wellgate in Rotherham town centre, when she gets older she will be able to join in with the puppy parties that they host.

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