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Welcome to our Rotherham Portrait Photography Blog for Charlie-Lee

We are Rotherham based photographers who work with Portrait photography (including pets!, see here) and weddings. Recently we managed to acquire the Canon 70-200mm F2.8L series lens and its worth its weight in gold. After a bit of thought, we decided it would be a good time to try it out on our nephew (Charlie-lee Hawkridge) during a photoshoot. It hasn’t been calibrated it to the camera yet, so the results are out of the box.

We decided to go for an outdoor photoshoot in Ravenfield woods (Silverwood) in Rotherham, located near Doncaster and Sheffield. While getting ready to go out, Charlie decided he wanted to go for a bike ride. So we packed up his push bike got the camera and off we went.

Once we parked up and removed the bike from the car, we made our way into the woods. I know these well having only grown up round the corner. There are a few little sweet spots hidden away in here. I remember this one area in there nicknamed “devils drop” due to its tendency to throw you off your bike if you got it wrong (we avoided that don’t worry!).

Before and after editing

The below image if one straight out of camera (before) and after editing (after), you can move the slider between before and after to see the changes made.

During the photoshoot, Charlie decided it would be a good idea to try doing some “jumps” over the gaps left by uprooted trees. However he misjudged one and fell into the hole (no injuries at all, just pure craziness and lots of laughing). While he was laughing away, he didn’t realise that his water bottle amongst other things had fallen off his bike. They had ended up under a huge pile of leaves (we had to come back looking for them!).

On this photoshoot, just like any other that we do, we had a good laugh and giggle. We believe laughing clears the mind, allowing you to relax, focus and enjoy the photoshoot. If you would like to feature in our gallery and have a blog written about the photoshoot, see below on how to get in touch!

Getting in touch

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