Eye-fi 8Gb X2 Class 6 SD Card

Having heard mixed reviews on this product, I thought I would give it a go for myself. From what I have found so far, this is one brilliant piece of equipment. Allowing you to Geo-tag your photos, send them directly to another wireless device when the photo has been taken and also allowing you to upload directly to websites such as Flickr etc. The best bit is, you do not need to be connected to any other wireless connection, This can be done while out and about. It creates its own wireless connection between the Camera / Card and the mobile device you choose.

The transfer speed of the device could be better, however it doesn’t restrict you in any way. There are a few other things that could be improved also. When you take a photo (JPG) it send the full size image directly to your device, Which is good if it is being sent to your laptop for example, however, if it is being sent to you mobile or tablet, the transfer can take a few seconds longer than you would want. If the firmware gave us a option to send smaller files to certain devices, it would be the best thing on the market.

The concept of the card is outstanding, it is excellent at what it does and I would recommend to anyone to try it. I purchased mine from Amazon UK for approximately £35.

Advantages: –

  • It allows you to Wirelessly transfer files from your camera to another wireless enabled device.
  • It geo-tags your photos when taken
  • It allows you to view the photo on a bigger screen to view more detail and decide if the photo is good enough. (prime example, at a wedding. Take a photo, it transfers straight to your Tablet / mobile etc. You can view the image on a much larger scale and re-take the photo if its not good enough)
  • It stores file locally on the card also
  • It allows you to transfer RAW files (Dependant on the version of the card that you buy)
  • It allows you to transfer videos (Dependant on the version of the card that you buy)
  • No wireless broadband connection is required, it creates its own hot spot and send the files directly
  • Disadvantages: –

  • It means carrying another device around with you (tablet, phone, Laptop etc.)
  • It sends the full file to any connected mobile device (Tablets – fair enough, but even mobiles get the full JPG too)
  • The class 6 SD card could be a bit faster I’m sure. Class 8 would be ideal.