This console application will gather information from the current computer and write it out to a text file. This text file will be saved to a directory of your choice (Specified within the SHARE.TXT file) and will be under a folder called “GetPCInfo_Outputs\”

Example of line from share.txt (do not put a trailing “\”): –


Alternatively: –

\\machine1\c$\temp (this will work remotely providing you have permissions)

The output would end up being like below.


The following information will be gathered: –

1. Current username
2. Machine name
3. Windows Major/Minor Version including windows description (windows 8 etc.)
4. Free HDD Space
5. Total RAM
6. Mapped Drives for the current logged on user
7. Folders under C:\users or C:\documents and settings – with last modified date and time
8. Mapped printers for the current logged on user – specifies the default printer also.

To run this application, make sure all of the files in the ZIP folder are kept together, then amend the SHARE.TXT file to a valid location for the output files.

Then run the GetPCInfo.exe file. This will display a little console window briefly. When this disappears the Information has been gathered. Check the output location.

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