Empty Recycle Bin Remotely

This application will empty the recycle bin on a remote computer / server.

With administrative credentials (and run elevated).

In elevated CMD, type in cd C:\PathToTheExecutable

then type EmptyRecycleBin.exe joe.bloggs machine1.

Alternatively, you can use the SID of the user: –

EmptyRecycleBin.exe S-1-2-34-5678901234-5678901234-15678901234-5678 machine1

(you can get the Sid by using my other application “Sid_user” located here)

You can specify a different drive too. for example, if the recycle bin on the D drive is causing a problem, run the below command: –

EmptyRecycleBin.exe joe.bloggs machine1 D

or you can empty all users recycle bin by using the following command (case sensitive): –

EmptyRecycleBin.exe all machine1


EmptyRecycleBin.exe all machine1 D

for the local machine you can replace machine1 with . (dot)

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