Application Downloads

Below is a select few of my programs available to download.


This tool “SID_USER” will allow you to convert a domain user name to grab their Security Identifier (SID), as well as allowing you to grab a user name from the SID.

Computer Information

This tool “Computer Information” returns many bits of useful information. Including Computer Name, IP Address, MAC Address, Operating System information and Memory / Disk information, Helping IT administrators identify and connect to a remote machine.


This tool “GetPCInfo” will gather information from the current computer and user, then write the information out to a text file at a location of your choice.

Powershell Font Fix

This tool “Powershell Font Fix” will fix the problem with windows 7, 8 and 8.1 where your Windows Powershell console will not remember your font change after it is closed.


LogDelete will help clear out old files (including log files) from a given location. More information here


GetExternalIP will help you if further troubleshooting is required. You can easily show your external IP address instead of your internal one.
You can get it here


ListDomainControllers was originally created to show all domain controllers on our current domain. This saved us a little time instead of going through Active Directory and listing the Domain Controllers. As the output is in a command (DOS) window, you can copy the list instead of writing each one down. You can get it here